London Seminar: Driving Workplace Performance

Thursday 14 September 2017

09:00 - 10:30


Orangebox Showroom, 38 Northampton Rd, Clerkenwell, London EC1R 0HU, UK

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In today’s market, companies that do not evolve will fail.

To drive workplace performance, they need to express their agility at each level of business – in their skills, projects and organisation. By embedding the assumption of constant change across an enterprise, companies can access critical skills sooner, innovate faster, and operate more effectively. In this seminar we will describe how to create a workspace that responds to these rapidly changing workplace needs and create spaces that reflect the transforming workplace designed to enrich, enhance, and streamline our working lives.

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Why should you attend?

This seminar is a priority for anyone that wants to learn more about smart working and the way that it can increase productivity in the workplace. This seminar will cover how you can create a greater degree of autonomy and create connections between people, workspaces that promote productivity and effortless engagement, flexibility and flow. Organisations all over the UK who have implemented ‘smart working’ are seeing a positive impact on employee engagement, productivity and their bottom line. This seminar will cover how Office Principles are helping organisations to drive higher workplace performance.

Nathan Hurley, Research Manager at Orangebox

Creating a Smart Workplace

Nathan is responsible for workplace research at Orangebox. He has a deep understanding of the changing workplace and invites you to see how the working landscape will look in the future. He believes that the most effective workspaces should remove barriers, provide privacy, bring people together and help us focus and be more engaged. Nathan will cover how smart-working should allow employees to work collaboratively, privately, or however they choose and whenever they want.

Jackie Furey, Director at Where We Work

Understanding Workplace Productivity

Jackie will describe some of her latest research around the psychology of the workplace, pointing to how data from employee surveys allows designers to shape a more effective work space to bring the best out of you and your people. She will explain what agile working means and why if you apply the concept properly you will have happier people, have reduced levels of absenteeism, lower operational costs, more efficient use of your entire property estate and, crucially, increased staff productivity.