London Seminar: Employee Well-being and Productivity

Start date: Thursday 26 May 2016


End date: Thursday 22 September 2016



National Design Centre, 61 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4AE

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Ignoring employee well-being in the workplace doesn’t make good business sense – research shows that FTSE 100 companies that prioritise employee engagement and well-being outperform the rest of the FTSE 100 by 10%.

According The World Green Building Council report on Health , Well-being and Productivity in Offices, there is clear evidence that office design impacts the health, well-being and productivity of employees. An office relocation or refurbishment can provide a perfect opportunity to promote your employees’ well-being. Small changes to individual well-being can have a cumulative effect on productivity and, in turn, your bottom line.

Why should you attend?

Organisations need to be more proactive on workplace well-being. This seminar is designed to guide you though the process of incorporating well-being practices into your office environment. The seminar identifies key areas that should be considered in advance of any office design project, which will help you to create an environment where employees can flourish and achieve their full potential for the benefit of themselves and the organisation.

Well-being is more than an avoidance of becoming physically sick. It represents a broader bio-psycho-social construct that includes physical, mental and social health. ‘Well’ employees are physically and mentally able and willing to contribute in the workplace and likely to be more engaged at work. This seminar will show how a pro-active attitude towards implementing well-being initiatives can be achieved through effective workplace design that enables employees to achieve their full potential.


Bertie van Wyk

Bertie van Wyk, Workplace Specialist at Herman Miller

Bertie will focus on the way that the physical aspects of the workplace can effect employee well-being and productivity. The purpose of this presentation is to give you an understanding of what ergonomics is, how we apply ergonomics to the design of the workspaces, and how we have applied these principles to everything we do. Bertie will examine the impact of sedentary office behaviours, and the affects it is having on our bodies and the importance of the full range of movement to maintain healthy and productive staff.


Hannah Nardini – Workplace Consultant at Office Principles

Hannah will focus on evidence to show how having a healthy workforce can reduce sickness absence, lower staff turnover and boost productivity. Hannah will discuss how to build a culture of well-being into your office design including factors such as physical and mental well-being, look and feel of the office, location and psychology of the workplace. Hannah will cover how to implement a well-being strategy and how to measure its success.

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About the venue


The seminar will be held in the Herman Miller showroom, and this is a great opportunity to take a look at some of the latest trends in office furniture. Office furniture needs to be flexible and it needs to suit the ever-changing working patterns in today’s world. Office furniture can have a major impact on the happiness of your staff. You will be greeted at the door with a fresh coffee or tea and you can enjoy a quick breakfast before the seminar starts.