Reading Seminar: Happiness, Boosting Productivity at Work

Thursday 14 April 2016

09:00 - 10:30


Conference Centre, 100 Longwater, Greenpark, Reading, Berkshire, RG2 6GP

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The UK’s productivity at work is poor so what will improve the performance of your workplace in Reading? The answer is happiness. Find out how you achieve it by attending Office Principles’ free seminar at Green Park on Thursday 14th April 2016.

Happiness means different things for different people. At its heart it means feeling content, having a sense of purpose, direction and a meaning in your life – and your work. We all need a sense of positivity to lift us and make us feel better. It is common sense, but too often is not applied at work. People management and leadership have a part to play, so does the job itself – but what about the actual place where you do your work? We spend up to eight hours at work – so don’t we deserve to be happy when we are there for so long? After all, aren’t people more productive when they are happy?

Why should you attend?

Do you like your work place? How does it make you feel? Is it somewhere that helps you do your job better? What do your colleagues think of it?

Office designers have been asking these questions. Backed by academic research from behavioural psychologists and evidence from corporations from Google to Jive Software we know that happiness fuels success. What’s more good office design creates an environment that engages employees, fosters a sense of creativity, motivation and, crucially, points to evidence of more productivity.

This seminar will help you to better understand what makes your staff happy and motivated, and the effect that the design of your office will have on their productivity and creativity. This is an unmissable event if you are planning an office relocation, refurbishment or want to become the employer of choice.


Bertie van Wyk

Bertie van Wyk, Workplace Specialist at Herman Miller

The Science behind Making Employees Happy in the Workplace

Bertie will explain that workplaces where employees have more freedom and ownership over where they work are more productive because the people using them are happier. Google and other organisations like them have taken on board the findings of behavioural research: they have invested heavily in employee relationships and strategic workplace design seeing happiness and satisfaction rise by 37%.


Hannah Nardini – Workplace Consultant at Office Principles

Does Office Design affect employee happiness and productivity?

Hannah Nardini, workplace designer and consultant at Office Principles, will go into more detail about the psychology of the workplace, pointing to how data from employee surveys allows designers to shape a more effective work space to bring the best out of you and your people. Hannah will guide you through the management speak of workplace. She will explain what agile working means and why if you apply the concept properly you will have happier people, see reduced levels of absenteeism, lower operational costs, more efficient use of your entire property estate and, crucially, increased productivity.

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