5 Top Tips to Implementing A Workplace Strategy

The latest breakthroughs in technology have changed the workplace forever, and many organisations are taking a fresh look at their offices, keen to create high performance environments. Facilities managers and operation directors are being tasked with creating new workplace strategies which will provide advantages to the whole company. With so many companies looking to change the workplace, here are some major considerations.

1. Communication
Communication must form an integral part of your workplace strategy. After all, the workplace is for the people, and we must communicate with them in order to win their hearts and minds. If you fail to engage the staff, then there is a reduced chance of success. Consider piloting the workplace strategy in one area of the business first, give staff the chance to become involved, and offer valuable feedback which will help to enhance and evolve the strategy.

2. Cost Savings
Every workplace strategy will ultimately produce cost savings, but this shouldn’t be the core objective. Certainly the strategy should not be sold to staff in this way. People will imagine a less desirable environment is being created for them which can have a negative impact.

3. Business Objectives
A workplace strategy should align with the key business objectives. A successful project needs a clear set of business drivers, with a compelling business case that has identified the investment required and payback. One size does not fit all, and the workplace strategy should align with the culture and processes used within the organisation.

4. When to invest?
Nobody likes change and a workplace strategy can be hard to implement. Persuading directors that now is a good time to invest could be one of the most difficult aspects of the workplace strategy. Make use of lease breaks and lease ends to promote the strategy and enforce management to make a decision to invest.

5. High performance
The workplace isn’t just about space planning and design. The workplace is an environment where people come to work. It is important that research is done to analyse the tasks that are carried out by staff, and create spaces that best support the people. Gimmicky work areas will often work well in the short term, but end up becoming unused and wasted.

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