A-Z of the future workplace:


Our top five tips why flexibility will help improve your workplace.

1. Less Stress
Flexible working reduces stress by allowing employees to take control of their own working day and work in a way that best suits them.

2. Job Satisfaction
Allowing employees to work flexibly gives them more autonomy over their working day, providing job satisfaction and loyalty to their employer.

3. Work/Life Balance
Employees tend to get more work done when working flexibly, as they can get the job done in normal working hours, leaving more time for life outside of work.

4. Agility
Allow staff to work flexibly so that each task can be carried out in the most efficient way. Plan out spaces accordingly, and provide suitable furniture for each task.

5. Productivity
Allowing individuals to work from any setting they choose allows the seamless combination of focused, collaborative and creative work, which leads to better productivity.