A-Z of the future workplace:


A Day in the Life at a Future Workplace

Introducing Charlotte, a recent Gen Z graduate who is embarking on her first job into the workplace.

Charlotte is working in an agile office, which was a recent defurb of a mill, retaining many of the original features whilst incorporating modern-day design. She has just returned to the office after a long weekend as her company offer a 4-day working week. Charlotte’s office has a great culture, they fully support their employees and encourage them to have a work-life balance.


Charlotte arrives in the office, and decides to have an early morning gym session, using the equipment provided in her office gym, making her feel refreshed and ready for the day ahead.


Charlotte then uses the office’s facilities to shower before the start of her working day. Once ready, she walks into the main office environment, which automatically checks her in via facial recognition, and updates the integrated intelligent software of her arrival. This software notifies the coffee machine, preparing her choice of coffee in the cafe area. She sits down to enjoy the coffee with a bowl of porridge, all provided by the company to help aid healthy, nutritional choices.


Charlotte has clients coming to the office for a meeting. As she uses her way-finding app to locate the correct booked meeting room, there are fresh pastries delivered in time for her guests. As she walks into the room, the room adjusts to Charlotte’s preferred temperature with mid-temperature lighting for optimum focus.


After her meeting, Charlotte chooses a work setting and quickly adjusts her office chair to meet her requirements. When choosing where to sit, she uses an app which let her know the noise levels in the area, deciding on a mid-noise level space so that she could collaborate if needed.


Charlotte takes a break from her desk and goes to the break out space in the office to enjoy her lunch. She makes a chicken and avocado salad for her lunch, as provided by her workplace. Having healthy options makes her feel alert and positive for the afternoon.


As Charlotte is an introvert, she decides to sit in an acoustic booth for the afternoon to get some quiet work done. She likes to be away from the buzz of the office sometimes as she is more stimulated and switched on in quieter environments.


It is a rainy day, and by 3:00pm the light in the office is starting to drop. Luckily, the sensors in the office have picked up on this change and have altered the light around Charlotte to ensure that her productivity isn’t affected.


In order to rejuvenate for the last hour of the day, Charlotte moves to work in the breakout area, grabs herself a coffee and some nuts, and sits down to work in the soft seating area. As she sits down, intelligent software adjusts the noise to her perfect level, allowing her to work productively. A few of her colleagues soon join her, and they have a collaborative discussion together about a project in this relaxed setting.


It is now the end of the day, and many of Charlotte's co-workers are going to take part in a Zumba session being held in the office gym. As Charlotte leaves the building, she is automatically signed out via facial recognition.

Whilst this may seem a rather futuristic view of a day in the life of an office worker, this way of working is already common for many businesses today. Over the next month, we are going to be looking into the A-Z of the future of the workplace, focusing on many of the subjects covered in this blog piece, helping you see how your office can be transformed to be future ready.