A-Z of the future workplace:


The modern multi-functional office kitchen plays a vital role in the workplace experience to promote wellbeing, engagement and collaboration.

Thanks to the rise of office coffee culture, the humble staff kitchen has evolved from a purely functional environment to a lively collaboration hub that sparks casual conversations and impromptu meetings.

A versatile kitchen with mixed seating and a great coffee machine is a valuable third space. If carefully designed, the kitchen can act as an anchor point of the office, offering a neutral zone to meet informally, away from desks and traditional meeting rooms. The kitchen can hold important news shared over a coffee, team brainstorming sessions, or all-company events where staff can gather. An office coffee culture will help break down social barriers and can encourage employees from different teams, and even from different management levels, to communicate and share ideas in a much more relaxed way than a traditional meeting setting.

Maximising the design and layout of your kitchen is a really effective way to ensure you’re offering a balanced workplace experience. Factors such as comfortable seating, good lighting, strong WiFi and premium coffee are all important considerations to make the office kitchen the go-to place for breaks and informal meetings. Not only will this help individuals stay focussed, it can open up lots of possibilities for cross-department collaboration, idea sharing and communication.

Proactively encouraging your team members to take breaks and grab a coffee will help build relationships and allows colleagues from all areas of the business to share ideas.  It is now widely acknowledged that rather than hindering productivity, taking regular breaks can positively impact productivity. Offering a flexible breakout space supports workers’ health and wellbeing and is a great way to ignite creativity. The freedom to take breaks away from the desk is very important as being tied to a desk for a long period of time without moving around can have negative repercussions for employee wellbeing.

Coffee Culture at work

It is estimated that, in the UK, just under half (44%) of coffee consumed out of home is consumed in the workplace. As a result, the office coffee machine is increasingly seen as a central part of workspace design. So much so that many companies are now using the coffee machine as a focal point in breakout zones or kitchen areas to encourage employees to use the space and chat over a coffee. As well as the associated health benefits with coffee drinking, it can help improve productivity, and many workers claim to have their most productive ideas whilst enjoying a coffee, all very valid reasons to ensure your coffee offering meets the expectations of your team.

Introducing TopBrewer

With coffee playing such an central role in employee wellbeing it is important to have an excellent coffee machine.  One of the best coffee machines is the TopBrewer. Designed with collaboration in mind, TopBrewer is all about creating memorable coffee experiences. The revolutionary under-counter design saves space and reduces noise, whilst the swan neck tap creates a stunning focal point in breakout zones to encourage conversations. A real wow factor is TopBrewer’s unique app-control which allows users to be their own barista by customising their coffee to their exact taste. With a range of flexible options and finishes, TopBrewer is the premium office coffee machine for the modern workspace. Find out more…