A-Z of the future workplace:


From cafes to culture, and gen X to gyms, our A – Z of the Future Workplace has covered a full range of subjects. Whilst you may already have some of these workplace features in place, it is important to consider other aspects to prepare your company to be its best future self.

Within the next few years we expect to see smart technology at the forefront for company’s considering a new office design or agile working strategy. Not only this, with there being a major focus currently on culture in the workplace, covering many aspects such as mental health, nutrition, and flexibility, this means that employers need to consider the impact that their workplace is having on their front line.

The office can also have an impact on the general health of employees, from the chair that they sit in, to the facilities that they have access to within the workspace, for example an office gym. Biophilic design can also affect employees’ health, as access to plants in the office is proven to have impressive health and productivity benefits.

With the introduction of Gen Z into the workplace, we are already beginning to see a culture shift to incorporate them into the world of work. As generations age, companies need to consider ways to change their working styles to make sure that they are providing for their employees’ different needs.

When it comes to working styles, there is also the consideration for whether your employees are introverts or extroverts. Not only this, there is also the implication of acoustics and light in this environment that will all have an impact on productivity. The hours that your employees work will also begin to change, as we have shown that the traditional 9 – 5 just isn’t the norm anymore.

With all these different future workplace concepts in mind, we understand that change can seem overwhelming. There is no rush in making all or any of these changes at once. Take small steps towards the working style that is right for your company, and it will enable you to be future ready. We hope that you have found these concepts useful, allowing yourself to picture how you could be working within the next few years. If you would like to discuss any of these ideals, and find out how they can work for you, get in touch today.