A-Z of the future workplace:


Can the office environment really make that much difference to productivity?

There have been many questions raised around environment and productivity recently, with a whole range of factors in the workplace held accountable for levels of staff performance and how employees view themselves within a company.

Factors such as the use of natural lighting, the colours used, the design of the workspace and the temperature of the office, all play a huge part in managing the productivity of an office space.

How we can help

Here at Office Principles, we hold seminars throughout the year, many touching on this very subject. Productivity ultimately holds huge importance for employers, as this is the best way to measure the success of an employee. In the early part of this year, we are launching two seminars, ‘The Future of the Workplace’ at the Orangebox Showroom in London, and ‘Everyone Deserves a Fantastic Workplace’ at Kames Capital, one of our recent fitouts, in Slough. Both of these seminars will be discussing the productivity and the impact that this can have on your workforce.

Why should you attend?

Everyone wants to make sure that their staff can work as efficiently as possible, so how do you design an agile working environment that will make a difference?

We have selected some of the best consultants and speakers to guide you through the key stages to ensure your project will achieve optimum success. Our seminars identify key areas that should be considered in advance of any office design project. These areas will help you to create an environment where employees can flourish and achieve their full potential, benefiting themselves and your organisation.

The Speakers

Cyril Parsons
Managing Director

Cyril will help you to understand what Smart working is and the way it can increase workplace productivity. He will cover the top workplace trends that will increase the productivity of your staff and help you to understand what the workplace will look like in the future. Organisations all over the UK who have implemented ‘Smart Working’ are seeing a positive impact on employee engagement, productivity and their bottom line.

Ros Lambert Porter
Senior Associate at Hawkins

Ros will cover the importance of designing for good acoustics in offices with an emphasis on wellbeing and will look at some of the significant research regarding the impact of acoustics on staff performance. She will discuss how we have evolved to process sound, why we react negatively to certain sounds and what it is about the sounds in our workplace that impact on concentration and productivity.

Jo Jenkinson
Design Director

Jo will explain what agile working means and why, if you apply the concept properly, you will have happier people, see reduced levels of absenteeism, lower operational costs, more efficient use of your entire property estate and, crucially, increased productivity. She will cover how companies can make a number of changes to help drive workplace wellbeing, while increasing employee productivity.

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