A-Z of the future workplace:

Utilisation study

What is it?
A space occupancy study (SOS) is a gathering of physical raw data around your current workplace performance.

It provides data on your levels of utilization throughout the entire workspace including meeting rooms, cellular offices, break out and general support areas, as well as how the room booking systems are performing. This data is obtained over a 10-day typically working week.

How do we do it?
We use surveillance trained operatives who are trained to observe complex behavioral patterns. Whilst based on site, they will conduct multiple walk thoughts on a random and rotating basis. This fluid and dynamic system of data gathering gives us 90-95% accuracy and is immediately more reliable. We will also audit your current storage and filing conditions at central, departmental and individual level. We will host group workshops to engage the staff and gain a better understanding of your company culture. The focus group process opens the ideal opportunity to discuss the prospect of change with staff. We will distribute an online questionnaire to uncover staff perceptions of the workplace. It will address issues such as demographics, personality profiles, staff aspirations, cultural issues, improvements and how staff feel they could be more productive. The questionnaire uncovers staff perceptions of the workplace and enables a better understanding of their current work styles and concerns. We will present a detailed report of our findings and recommendations for your workplace

What are the benefits:
A utilization study will enable you to better manage your workplace. It will provide you with a better understanding of areas of the office that can be consolidated, or in a growth situation, avoidance of the need of more space.

What do we need?
Once instructed, we will require plans of your current building with the workstations and cellular spaces shown. We would need to visit site to validate all the plans and identify any changes to the layout. We will need assistance to understand precisely which workstations and cellular offices are allocated to selected teams. This will ensure that the departmental occupancy levels are collated as accurately as possible.

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