Agile Working Office Spaces

Explore the different concepts that surround ‘Agile Working’. Here are some of the working environments that you might find in an Agile Workspace.

Braining Storming ideas

2 heads better than 1? It’s good to develop ideas and these brainstorming areas offer scribble walls to explore your ideas. Stand back capture your great ideas on your phone or tablet and share with the wider group

Copy Repro Area

Copying facilities with sufficient layout space to work in a within dedicated areas.

Informal Meet

Sofa pods provide an acoustic informal meeting zone close to other activity areas ideal quick meeting areas or perhaps a concentration area for staff.

Phone Booth

Staff often want an element of privacy when they take that all important call, and providing an informal acoustic hood is ideal. The additional benefit is less disruption to other staff.

Private Booth

Want somewhere for private working? Time and again we’re told that staff want space in the office where they can tackle the task in hand, and if concentration is what your yearning then these are ideal.

Short Term Activity

Short term activity areas are close to collaboration areas, and are ideal for staff to co-locate working together at desk type areas (smaller than the workstation mode).

Team Collaboration

Why not centralise the collaboration space for the staff and if more wish to join in it is an open sided space?

The Cafe Area

The café area offers refreshments and also includes a high counter multimedia meeting zone for small team presentations.

The Picnic Bench

Perhaps you have grabbed a coffee from the café area nearby or perhaps you fancy a bit of me time in the park absorbing the greenery around you.

Workstation Activity

The workstation provides familiarity for staff who prefer the traditional work mode along side the other activity based work settings.