Organisations the world over are placing greater emphasis on increasing productivity in business.

Focus has shifted irrevocably to how to ‘do more with less’ in which real estate has a strong role to play. By leveraging the use of agile working and real estate there can be greater gains in workplace productivity. The interior design and fit-out of your office directly impacts the efficiency and productivity of your employees, and could lead to efficiencies of space and lower running costs.

The workplace should always support employees in their work. A smart office should be centred on the people working there. What attracts and motivates them to be able to perform at their best? In order to achieve maximum workplace productivity an office should be designed for flexibility. Flexible in a way that it is accessible to be used every day depending on different activities, and that it is open for changes and innovation over time.

Before making any workplace changes whether it is moving to a new office or transforming the existing office or some other workplace change, it is always critical to conduct a workplace utilisation study. It is essential to know how the workspace is being used, so that you can have a better idea of what you might need in the new office. How are you working? Where are you working? How much space do you need? What kind of space and workstations or collaboration areas do you need and to what extent?


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