Google exudes personality through office interior design.

It’s no secret that Google is king when it comes to expressing brand identity, this is reflected in their culture, values, and most of all their office interior design.

Innovation, inspiration and fun are all key ingredients for creating not only a great place to work, but a great company as well. Some of the ordinary 9-5 folks may feel lucky that their office has a football table and vending machine, but Google employees are living it up and winding down on tube slides, playing some mini golf and zooming around the “office” on their scooters. Check out their new HQ in London!

While this all sounds great, one must wonder how they get any work done! The answer to that question is Agile working. Google has hit every nail on the head when it comes to creating a flexible working environment that stimulates innovation and productivity. Their office interior design is riddled with funky work benches, fun informal meeting spaces and lots of crazy break out areas. A Google spokesperson commented that Google offices are designed with one goal in mind: “to create the happiest, most productive workplace in the world.” Did we mention the scooters? Let’s take a minute to let that sink in…

The importance of a successful office fit-out is not to be overlooked. Your visitors should be able to understand what your company is all about from the second they set foot in your building. In creating a flexible and fun place to work, you are strengthening the foundation of any successful business by building trust and loyalty. Of course, constructing an office based on a theme park or a playground may not fit in so well with every business. It’s vital that your team of experts conduct a thorough study of your workplace and understand the nature of your business in order to build an office that mirrors your company’s aspirations. By doing so you are sure to reap all the benefits of a flexible workplace e.g. cost saving, increased performance, sustainability and staff and client loyalty. Take a look at some of Google’s craziest office interior design below.














We love these office interior designs!

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