Can your office compete with Starbucks?

There’s a new generation preparing to enter the workplace with a different work ethic from those who have passed before, and a different set of ideologies.

When it comes to work life balance, and a flexible way of working to make that happen, this generation will opt for employment with the forward-thinking work provider, whatever the sector, in order to get those boxes ticked and to get the most out of corporate life.

It’s no longer all about the salary, the pension or the offer of a company car. Where incentives dwindle, environment and the whole work experience steps up and fills the gap.

Talking about my generation

Generation Z is concerned about finding the right fit. If they get it, they’ll stick around. If they don’t, they’ll move on to a company and environment that reflects their sense of self and their values and gives them what they need.

The new form of agile working has been created with a view to this generation that is poised to come through the doors. Technology has enabled it – we can all work wherever and whenever we want.

What we do need, however, in order to stay connected, is a hub where people feel that they belong and that they actually look forward to, and want to, spend some time in.

Preparing the mother ship

Most of us can work at home, in hotel lobbies and in the local Starbucks, but it’s important to provide a flexible working environment that attracts the flock back to the nest so that the team doesn’t begin to feel disconnected.

Having embraced working from home, there is a trend now among employers to ensure that the office is designed to fit so that the members of the team enjoy spending time there and have good reason to come in, beyond attending obligatory meetings.

The work environment has to step up, meet expectations and wow the workers as we have all moved on apace in the last ten years or so. Our offices have to reflect who we are now and how we work, as individuals and as a group…

The alternative is, well, we’ll tell you over a coffee in Starbucks !