Carry out a workplace audit before you plan a relocation

Before deciding what size of building you need for the future, you should commission your fit-out specialist to develop a workplace audit. This is a key document which carefully scrutinises your current operation, including use of space and working practices. The workplace audit will provide clear and concise calculations that will appraise you of the efficiency of the space you occupy.

It will look at your staff and the various teams set up to tackle your organisation’s workloads, your storage requirements, and any special elements necessary for your business. Your workplace audit will also evaluate your future requirements, allowing you to make more informed decisions when it comes to acquiring new premises.

It may also assist you in establishing the space efficiency obtained from new ways of working, or through improved workstation designs. An example of this would be the large areas (of desktops and circulation space) opened up through moving from old visual display screens to flat panel displays.

The workplace audit, considered in conjunction with your company projections, will help you, advised by your fit-out specialist, to decide whether your existing premises could be re-planned and refurbished to meet the future needs of the organisation or whether you need to appoint a commercial premises agent to seek out a choice of possible buildings as a new base for the organisation.

Your fit-out specialist will be able to provide invaluable guidance and informed advice based on a wealth of experience.

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