CAYSH – helping others to help themselves

CAYSH are one of these amazing charities that supports and advises young people facing homelessness. When CAYSH decided to refurbish their head office in Croydon, Office Principles was quick to support them in their objective.

Every year CAYSH provide a safe home for more than 250 young people who would otherwise be homeless and provide advice to more than 15,000 others facing homelessness and other challenges. This meant that CAYSH were not looking for the average office, but actually required a young person contact centre, a place where young people could meet their case workers and find a base to work from. When you first enter CAYSH you find yourself walking on a path through grass laid flooring with picnic benches on either side. The design team at Office Principles were keen to create an area where young people could relax and feel at home. Further into the space is a flexible enterprise zone. This is a zone which young people can use to create and develop business initiatives. There is also an open plan desking area for the administrative staff and case workers. The overall space has been design as an agile workplace to allow CAYSH to grown and change over the coming years and respond to the needs of future generations.

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