Check out the new OfficePod

We have recently been looking at the OfficePod from Task Systems. It is truly an office within an office! The office pod can create innovative and focused accomodation that will compliment existing activities and enhance an organisation’s image. The look, it’s size, and the ability to be located virtually anywhere opens up endless possible applications from creating specific and specialist working environments such as edit suits, meeting spaces and places for group collaboration. The ease of installation and the self contained ‘stand alone’ nature of the product means that minimal intervention is needed to the existing building fabric. This makes OfficePod ideal for sensitive buildings and area’s.
It is the combination of the POD’s physical attributes that makes it unique. Tested to withstand the extremes of weather, the POD has a ‘go anywhere’ capability to match it’s look. In addition, it has inherently good theremal and sound insulation properties that go to create efficient and private environments for its occupants. If you are interested in an OfficePod for your workspace, then please get in touch with us.

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