The company that beats at the heart of UK finance…

GE Capital operate at the very heart of UK businesses, enabling customers to efficiently and successfully run and manage their operations every day and providing finance to almost 40,000 UK business’s.

GE Capital currently has offices in Bristol, Manchester, and the London areas. The office in Manchester has become outdated, and GE Capital have decided to relocate to new offices in Dovecote House which they are looking to transform into a state of the art flagship building.

They approached Office Principles to create a workplace strategy to integrate three GE business’s into 56,000 square foot of office space. Ross Robertson, Account Director at Office Principles started by working with GE Capital to analyse what the success factors of the office design would look like. Stuart Jefferson, Head of Design at Office Principles then established a modern, hi-tech look which transformed into a cutting-edge, cost-effective design for the new workspace.

Stuart started work on the reception area, where the first priority was to unlock access to natural daylight by revealing the light-well. A bigger more open space was created with visual connections to other areas of the office. GE branding and messaging has been displayed on large areas of wall graphic, while the corporate GE Blue has been used on the glass. Within each of the floors, multifunctional spaces have been created to help bring people together. Staff can grab a coffee and use the soft seating for informal meetings.

Open Plan desking is situated around the perimeter of the office to take advantage of the natural light and the great views outside. Within this warm colourful space Stuart has positioned the workstations to ensure that team collaboration is aligned with spacial efficiency. The new café has been designed by Stuart to have a coffee shop feel. To give a sense of local personality, historic maps of Manchester from the 17th century have been used on the walls. Large high back sofa’s create area’s where staff can meet and socialise with their colleagues.

Office Principles have planned a tight programme of works, and are hoping to complete this stunning fitout in just 12 weeks. With works on site well under way, the completion date is only weeks away now. We are all looking forward to seeing the final result!

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