Considering Building Regulations When Redesigning Your Office

Are you considering a new design for your workplace, but worried about building control regulations. This article will help you to understand why and when building regulations apply in order to help you achieve the perfect workplace.

Building Regulations exist to ensure the health and safety of people in and around all types of buildings, the Building Regulations also cover energy conservation and access and facilities for people with disabilities. In fact, the regulations deal with 13 parts, each dealing with individual aspects of building design and construction: structural matters, fire safety, energy conservation, hygiene, sound insulation, access and facilities for disabled people, ventilation, drainage, resistance to moisture, combustion appliances, glazing, protection from falling, and use of toxic substances.

Each part of the regulations sets out the objectives that the individual aspects of building design must achieve. The parts are accompanied by “approved documents” which contain practical ways in which to comply with the requirements.

The responsibility for complying with Building Regulations rests with the person or organisation carrying out building works. It is vital to ensure that your fit-out specialist makes the application as it’s the building owner who is served with the enforcement notice if the building works fail to comply with the requirements.

As soon as your plans are finalised, your fit-out specialist will submit them to the Building Control department for their comment and to ensure compliance at preconstruction stage. To proceed without making a Building Control application is illegal and thus means potential litigation procedures being brought if the works undertaken do not comply. This can be costly and we strongly recommend that this important milestone is accorded due consideration at an early stage in the project.

Each local authority has its own Building Control department or alternatively licensed inspectors are authorised to carry out this function.

If you are considering an office fitout and have concerns about building regulations, then why not speak to one of our experienced workplace consultants – 0118 975 9750.


    • Most alteration works will require approval under the Building Regulations and some will also require Planning Permission

The Building Inspector will visit the site as work progresses

  • Building Regulations Part L deals with energy conservation


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