An environmentally friendly alternative to perspex.

The 3-way desk shield is a unique 3-sided safety desk shield or screen with windows that have been designed specifically for open plan desking areas. The screen provides a physical barrier between adjacent and opposite desks in an open plan office environment. It is meant to act as a secondary physical barrier to provide protection to staff within a social distancing environment.

It is made from cardboard which means it is portable and lightweight. The screen is finished in white cardboard on both the inside and outside. On each side, there is a cut out in the top of half of the screen which is filled with a clear film to create a window to allow natural light to reach the desk user providing a pleasant working environment.

It is 100% recyclable and made from 80% recycled content which means that it is more environmentally friendly than plastic or Perspex.


Under test conditions* it has been proven that Covid-19 doesn’t last more than 24 hours on cardboard, however there are still traces of the virus on plastic even after 72 hours. This does virtually eliminate the need to clean or wipe down the screen in any way because in any 24 hour period the virus will naturally disappear.

Product Size

1300mm x 700mm x 780mm high

(Bespoke sizes are available upon request, however there is a minimum order of 100 screens when ordering bespoke.)

Packaged and sold in packs of 10