What are the key things that you should be considering as you start to think about how people will now occupy the workplace?

In the wake of this pandemic, many peope have concerns about what the future of work might look like. So, how can we effectively manage the return to the workplace, while providing reassurance and peace of mind? We have provided some ideas to help you as you consider the return to the office.

Welcome Back Pack

An essentials pack which includes protective equipment (such as masks, gloves, hand sanitiser, labels) to keep you and your team safe during the pandemic

Bespoke Signage

Bespoke digitally printed graphics for the new office plan and seating positions, meeting room signage, desk assignment/ shift patterns, wall and flooring demarcations for social distancing


Touchless sanitation at entry points and wash facilities

Adaptive solutions to workstations for worker safety

Enhance communication and interaction within the redefined workplace by using screens

Furniture Upholstery

Temporary covers for maximum hygiene equipment

Phased Scenario Planning

Planning for a phased transition back to the office considering teams & essential roles. With a potential restriction on available seating capacity, a colour coded plan can quickly highlight future scenarios in the short and long term