Join us as we speak to workplace experts, Hannah Nardini and Cyril Parsons, and they answer the top 10 questions around what the future of the workplace will look like in a post Covid-19 World.

People are starting to wonder what the workplace will look like when the tentative ‘return to the office’ begins. How will the design of the workplace need to change? What procedures can we put in place to ensure that employees and staff stay safe and healthy? The current global health event has dramatically shifted the way we work, collaborate, and enable productivity. How will this impact the future of the workplace?

Hannah Nardini, founder of WK Space, is a specialist in commercial interior design, occupational psychology and change management. Hannah is a regular speaker in forums and seminars on the future workplace, wellbeing, productivity and the psychology of workers.

Cyril Parsons, founder of Office Principles, is passionate about superb office design and is constantly innovating and espousing new working practices that enhance better employee performance and more productive workplaces. He is a thought leader in workplace strategy and change management specifically relating to office environments and continues to enthusiastically research data in this area.

This webinar was hosted on Thursday 7th May 2020, and is now available as a recording. Please enjoy!