Seminar: how to create a smart working environment

Our most recent seminar was held last week at the Orangebox Showroom in Clerkenwell. Attendance was high as efficiency in the workplace is extremely topical at the moment and pretty much anyone reaching the end of a tenancy agreement and considering a move or fit out, wants to discuss how to create a smart working environment.

On the agenda

Our remit for this seminar was to present our approach to designing agile working environments, that make a real difference, in a bid to share knowledge and information.

It’s crucial that those who are considering relocating have some understanding of each aspect of the process if they are going to create a space that exceeds all expectations and really works for them, so we also wanted to introduce experts who have experience of such spaces and who had something relevant to say.

The idea of these seminars is to educate and to inform. We want guests to come away inspired, motivated and armed with the right intelligence.

Introducing our experts

We were lucky enough to secure the time of Jason Cotterell, group chief strategy officer and UK MD at Exterion Media. Jason is invaluable as a speaker as he has experienced creating an agile working office so he knows exactly how it is done and what the benefits are.

When its London office lease came up for renewal, Exterion Media took the opportunity to move to a new state-of-the-art office; an agile space that allows Exterion employees to work wherever they are most productive. Jason talked about the office relocation process, along with the benefits of implementing an agile working strategy.

Legals and technicals

Nick Carter, partner at Boyes Turner, was also included in the line-up at this event. Nick deals with all aspects of commercial property transactions on a daily basis and is expert when it comes to the legal and technical aspects of any office relocation, including heads of terms, pre-contract, exchange of contract and completion. Working with a wide mix of international and national companies, Nick has a full range of expertise in the commercial property purchase process and was a welcome speaker at the event.

People not places

Strategic manager at Orangebox, Kyle Darlington completed our trio of guest speakers, engaging guests by detailing how to create the most successful, open-plan, collaborative workplaces.

Kyle is an advocate of creating connections between people. He espouses the belief that by considering these relationships, rather than the furniture, and creating spaces that allow for effortless engagement, flexibility and flow, productivity naturally increases over time.


We have a bit of a mantra going now, across all of our popular seminars: Gaining a better understanding of your workplace and recognizing the benefits of agile working will enable you to attract and retain talent and improve staff performance.

It’s a simple and potent equation – and it works.

If you would like to find out more, please register for our next seminar and let us enlighten you.