Seminar: Creating a high-performance workspace

Our workplace seminars have gathered traction in the last twelve months, with audiences growing to the extent that we had to run a repeat performance last week. We hosted two gatherings, back to back, to discuss ‘creating a high-performance workspace’ in a bid to ensure that all who had registered an interest were accommodated on the day.

Workspaces are undergoing a revolution at the moment and all of our clients and prospects are keen to access a working environment that will make a difference and enthuse and enable members of staff to give of their best.

The initial considerations for a successful working environment

These seminars were led by Vince Simpson, a director at CBRE and an expert at construction project management and creating better workplaces.

After a short talk about the London market and supply and demand – including the rise in demand for turnkey solutions – Vince highlighted the importance of due diligence before starting to develop any office relocation or change.

Starting with the fabric of the building itself; from considering whether it is structurally sound and that the services can meet your company’s needs to considering the size and the footprint of the building and the amount of fresh air that would be circulating, the importance of making sure the actual building is a suitable physical space is paramount.

Getting the brief right

Vince identified a further crucial element in the mix: Finding out what the expectation is; what the business hopes to achieve from the new space; the desired end result.

This broad stroke ambition has to be established and confronted from the outset. An office redesign or relocation provides great improvement opportunities and is a chance to deliver real change so identifying exactly what change the senior leadership team is hoping to achieve is a vital aspect of the process.

The client

These two particular seminars took place at our client, Meet in Place’s most recent London accommodation, which gave us a great opportunity to showcase our work as we provided the international meeting rooms provider with this full fit out, turnkey solution.

Managing director of Meet in Place, Elinor Bashan described to the attendees present exactly how this cellularized space works and the benefits of being able to use meeting rooms that are off site in terms of privacy, staff overflow and location.

The future is on demand

Elinor cited Uber as an example of where we, as a ‘pay as you go’ society, are at. Time is the most highly valued commodity and Meet in Place has built its working model on creating spaces that need no membership, community or commitment. It’s a concept that is incredibly empowering and appealing to the client base.

People want the option of offsite space, away from the distractions of their usual workplace, that affords them an element of privacy; in a good location, that they can access as and when, and without any major effort involved.

This, of course, feeds in to the agile working pattern that is part of the new workplace evolution. It’s another piece of the jigsaw that demonstrates good staff engagement, while representing a more accommodating and considerate way of enabling employees to work, overall.