Why embrace agile working?

The work environment is shifting rapidly, resulting in new challenges and opportunities for companies in the UK and around the world.

This evolution has seen an end to the traditional ways of working, as the landscape of work is redefined by advanced technologies, changing demographics, new societal values and rapid globalisation.

Advanced Technologies

Mobile technology has changed the way we work and interact with one another. Mobile devices are no longer acting as just phones or laptops. They have transformed into a vital communication hub that is an integral part of our daily lives. Smart devices allow us to access information or services we require; from checking emails, making a call or keeping up to date with social media. Because of this we can see a change in the traditional desktop computers and a move towards the more flexible based systems that will enable us to work together in a more agile and productive way.

Rapid Globalisation

We have seen advancements in both physical and virtual infrastructure creating a global market to meet the demands of consumers we need the ability to connect to customers wherever they are, whenever they need. This often necessitates a 24/7 working culture to ensure business continuity and to meet customer expectations. Without an environment that supports this culture, we are left with pressured staff, relentless deadlines and unpredictable workflows.

New Societal Values

With the advancement of technology and resources, younger generations of workers are becoming more demanding of flexibility in their workplace. Employees are pushing for work that has meaning and purpose by seeking to take more responsibility over their work styles and personal developments. Agility and mobility are in high demand for working environments throughout the UK. Individual employees are looking for work environments that allow them to make proactive choices that will redefine their work.

Changing Demographics

We can see a change in the approach to work with each generation. The younger generation’s entry into the workplace represents the first group of workers who have grown up in a world where sophisticated devices and platforms dominate their world. In today’s workplace, you will find a mix of multiple generations working together. Because of this, it is essential that we understand and accommodate the needs of different demographic groups.

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