London Seminar: Creating a Smart Work Environment

  •  Thursday 29th November 2018

     9.00 - 10.30am


National Design Centre 61 Aldwych, London, WC2B 4AE

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An unmissable insight into workspaces that attract and retain the best talent


  1. Understand the benefits of agile working and how it can help to attract and retain talent and improve staff performance.
  2. Learn how to use workplace research and data to influence your office design, best serving your employees’ needs.
  3. Find out how smart working allows employees the freedom of choice to work however, and whenever, they want.
  4. Learn how simple changes to the workplace can inspire members of a team to work at their optimum.
  5. Find out the key drivers to make staff productive and happy in the workplace.


If you are considering an office relocation or refurbishment project why not come along to our next seminar on Thursday 9th November 2018? This seminar will focus on the business drivers that top corporate organisations are embracing to get ahead. We are all seeking to provide office environments that attract and retain key staff as well as inspiring staff to be at their most productive and engaged. The war for top talent is on and your office environment has a huge role to play in influencing the kind of staff your organisation attracts.

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Bertie van Wyk

Insight Manager at Herman Miller

Renowned speaker, Bertie van Wyk, offers a high-octane presentation on the affect the office environment has on employee productivity. Bertie has an unparalleled understanding of the changing nature of the workplace, and will explain the psychology of the workplace, and how to use research and data to influence the office design to bring out the best in your employees. Bertie will cover how smart working allows employees to work collaboratively and privately, however they choose and whenever they want.

Jessica Mackie

Workplace Strategist and Designer

Jessica explains what agile working means and why, if you apply the concept properly, you will have happier people, see reduced levels of absenteeism, lower operational costs, more efficient use of your entire property estate and, crucially, increased productivity. Jessica talks us through how the most effective workspaces can remove barriers, bringing people together and helping us to focus and be more engaged. She will cover how companies can make a number of changes to help drive workplace wellbeing, while increasing employee productivity.


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