THE OFFICE RELOCATION PROCESS: Creating an Inspirational Workplace

  •  Tuesday 12th February 2019

     9.00 - 10.30


Peter House Oxford Street Manchester M1 5AN

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This free seminar is designed to provide you with all the information you need to prepare for a seamless office relocation. A relocation is a unique and often ‘once in a generation’ catalyst to re-imagine what a great workplace might look like with an opportunity to better support your people and increase their productivity. Forward-thinking organisations are approaching their property strategy with a view to driving better performance, becoming the employer of choice, and increasing profits. This seminar aims to give you the ammunition you need as you set out on your journey to create a high performance working environment.


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About the speakers

Rupert Barron

Director at Avison Young

Rupert will give us an update on the commercial property market and discuss what to look out for when choosing a property for a great workplace. He’ll also share key property themes and decision that will define a great workplace.


Simon Millington

Workplace Designer at InCognito

Simon will focus on the way that physical aspects of the workplace can affect employee well-being and productivity. Simon has an unparalleled understanding of the changing nature of the workplace, and will explain the psychology of the workplace, and how to use research and data to influence the office design to bring out the best in your employees.

Cyril Parsons

Director at Office Principles

Cyril takes us on a journey into how design and technology support the daily work/life of people in today’s workplace. The new workplace blurs the boundaries between work and life. Cyril will cover how a great workplace should support the many ways we need (and want) to work in 2019 and beyond.


5 things you will learn from attending this free seminar:

  1. The latest trends and strategies behind re-designing your office
  2. Tips and tricks for finding the perfect location and what to look out for
  3. Ideas and tools to make your new office space project a success
  4. A better understanding of how your workplace affects employees productivity and inspires them
  5. The benefits of implementing a high-performance agile office design


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