Office Relocation Seminar: Creating a High-performance Workplace

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National Design Centre 61 Aldwych, London WC2B 4AE, UK

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This free seminar is designed to provide you with all the information you need to prepare for a seamless office relocation. We will guide you through all the key stages to ensure your project is undertaken to achieve optimum success for you, your clients and most importantly, your staff.

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Everyone wants to make sure that their staff can work as efficiently as possible, so how do you design a working environment that will make a difference? Can you create a workspace that better supports the productivity of your staff? This seminar aims to give you the ammunition you need as you set out on your journey to create a high performance working environment that engages and energises your team.

About the speakers

Lawrence Mohiuddine

Director at LAM Project Management

Lawrence has over 20 years’ experience as a project consultant helping organisations to develop high performance workplaces. With a wealth of industry knowledge, Lawrence will guide you through the office relocation process, offering advice, and highlighting the potential pitfalls. He will explain the detailed approach required to creating a productive workplace, starting with workplace strategy through to delivering a successful workplace environment.

Berkie van Wyk

Insight Manager at Herman Miller

Renowned speaker, Bertie van Wyk, offers a high-octane presentation on the affect the office environment has on employee productivity. Bertie has an unparalleled understanding of the changing nature of the workplace, and will explain the psychology of the workplace, and how to use research and data to influence the office design to bring out the best in your employees. By implementing smarter ways of working you can reduce real estate costs, and improve staff performance which will ensure you can attract the best talent and keep employees motivated.

5 things you will learn from attending this free seminar:

  1. Better understanding of your workplace and how it affects employees productivity
  2. How to design an office that attracts and retains the best talent
  3. How to organise a successful office relocation with minimum downtime
  4. The benefits of implementing a high-performance agile office design
  5. Real life experiences from other highly productive companies

The Venue

The seminar will be held in the Herman Miller showroom, which will give you an excellent opportunity to take a look at some of the latest trends in office furniture. Office furniture needs to be flexible and it needs to adapt to suit the ever-changing working practises in today’s world. The selection of great office furniture has a major impact on the happiness of your staff. You will be greeted at the door with a fresh coffee or tea and you can enjoy a continental breakfast before the seminar starts.

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