London Seminar: Creating a High Performance Workspace

  •  Thursday 21st March 2019

     12.00 – 13.30


Meet in Place 24 King William St, London EC4R 9AT

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This free seminar is designed to provide you with all the information you need to prepare for a seamless office relocation.

How do you design a working environment that will make a difference? Can you create a workspace that better supports the productivity of your staff?
Our expert speakers will answer these questions whilst providing you with the ammunition you need as you set out on your journey to create a high performance working environment.


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About the speakers

Vince Simpson

Director at CBRE

Vince has over 16 years practical construction and project management experience helping organisations to develop high performance workplaces. With
a wealth of industry knowledge, Vince will guide you through the office relocation process, offering advice, and highlighting the potential pitfalls. He will explain the detailed approach required to creating a productive workplace, starting with workplace strategy through to delivering a successful workplace environment.



Elinor Bashan

Managing Director at Meet in Place

Meet in Place are a global network of fully serviced meeting room hubs. Already located in Tel Aviv and New York, they wanted to set up a base in London, UK. Elinor will present a short case study on their organisation’s journey to find the ideal space and how they partnered with Office Principles to complete the fitout. She will discuss how co-working spaces have changed the way that we use office space offering an environment that is conducive to innovation, collaboration, and productivity. Coworking could arguably be classed as a ‘new normal’ for workplace requirements.


Cyril Parsons

Director at Office Principles

Cyril will help you to understand what Smart Working is, and the way it can increase workplace productivity. He will cover the top workplace
trends that will increase the productivity of your staff and help you to understand what the workplace will look like in the future. Organisations all over
the UK who have implemented ‘Smart Working’ are seeing a positive impact on employee engagement, productivity and their bottom line. He will cover
how Office Principles are helping organisations to drive higher workplace performance.



  1. How to achieve a successful office relocation
  2. How to optimise the workplace to increase efficiency
  3. A better understanding of the workplace of the future
  4. How to improve employee productivity
  5. Real life experience from the successful fitout at Meet in Place


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