London Seminar: Creating a high performance workplace

  •  Wednesday 24th July

     09.00 – 10.30


25 Charterhouse Square, London EC1M 6AE

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Make your workplace the secret weapon for recruiting and retaining your top talent?

  1. Understand the benefits of agile working and how it can help to attract and retain talent and improve staff performance.
  2. Learn how to use workplace research and data to influence your office design, best serving your employee’s needs
  3. Find out how smart working allow employees the freedom of choice to work however, and whenever they want.
  4. Learn how simple changes to the workplace can inspire members of a team to work at their optimum.
  5. Find out the key drivers to make staff productive and happy in the workplace.




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About the speakers


Adrian Campbell

Workplace Designer at Senator

People like to make sense of their world and ‘it’s all about me’ gives a very easy to understand doctrine as to why furniture, psychology, productivity, satisfaction and motivation in the workplace are so intrinsically linked and how the Senator Group’s Settings programme was devised to make sense of it all. Join us for an insightful conversation with Adrian Campbell, curator of ‘It’s All About Me’. This is an insightful view in to how the best workplace furniture isn’t built around the workplace, it’s built around people.

Cyril Parsons

Director at Office Principles

Cyril will help you to understand what Smart working is and the way it can increase workplace productivity. He will cover the top workplace trends that will increase the productivity of your staff and help you to understand what the workplace will look like in the future. Organisations all over the UK who have implemented ‘Smart Working’ are seeing a positive impact on employee engagement, productivity and their bottom line. He will cover how Office Principles are helping organisations to drive higher workplace performance.


Ros Lambert Porter

Senior Associate at Hawkins

Ros will cover the importance of designing for good acoustics in offices with an emphasis on wellbeing and will look, briefly, at some of the significant research regarding the impact of acoustics on staff performance. It will discuss how we have evolved to process sound, why we react negatively to certain sounds and what it is about the sounds in our workplace that impact concentration and productivity. It will also debunk some of the misconceptions that are rife within the fit-out industry.


About the seminar

This free seminar is designed for anyone that is concerned about the performance of their workplace. We have selected some of the best consultants and speakers to guide you through the benefits of a smart agile work environment.

We are all seeking to provide office environments that attract and retain key staff as well as inspiring staff, to be at their most productive and engaged. The war for top talent is on and your office environment has a huge role to play in influencing the kind of staff your organisation attracts.

This seminar identifies key areas that should be considered in advance of any office design project. These areas will help you to create an environment where employees can flourish and achieve their full potential, benefiting themselves and your organisation.


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