Going for Gold!

We are going for Gold!

No really, this is not a vain attempt to jump on the Olympics bandwagon!

Going back to my first blog about cobbler’s shoes, we have been reviewing the recommendations we make to our clients to ensure that our “shoes” reflect the key features we would look to provide to the office fit-out of our client’s offices.

As we continue to progress towards the relocation to our new office building we are finding there are still big decisions to be made, however, the most important decision that we have made in the last couple of weeks, is to aim for a SKA rating on the office fit-out. SKA rating is an environmental assessment method, benchmark and standard for commercial fit-outs, led and owned by RICS. The scheme consists of more than a hundred ‘good practice’ measures covering energy and CO2 emissions, waste, water, materials, pollution, wellbeing and transport. We are aiming for a Gold rating on the fit-out at 6 Bennet Road which means that there is a lot of work going in behind the scenes to ensure that we have a stunning workplace to move into during August.

So for those of you unfamiliar with an SKA rating, it provides a way of measuring sustainability more accurately. It helps you to decide which aspects of your fit out are most important based on their impact on sustainability which then means that you can maximise your sustainable impact. Most projects are constrained by budget, and one of the key challenges is how do you decide where to spend your money. Looking at projects simply on the basis of cost and quality is no longer enough – having a clear understanding of the sustainable impact of a project is also key. This rating enables you to decide between different aspects of the project based on the impact of those options on environmental sustainability as much as for any other reason. For the discerning employee it also provides reassurance that the company they are thinking of working for (or the company they are already at) is taking sustainability and the environment seriously.

So as you can see it’s more than just another certificate to hang on the wall, it will make a real difference to the way the project is completed and I am sure I will come back as the weeks go on to explain some of the decisions which have been made and how our goal of a Gold SKA rating has impacted on those decisions.