Integrating green features into your office interior design

Businesses need to be fully aware of how sustainability can have a huge effect on their office. Going green is now a high priority for the modern workplace. It may be daunting at first and while you may consider your business to be doing its part in going green, there’s more to it than simply recycling your boxes and paper wastes.

Green credentials have begun to dictate how buildings are constructed and not taking time to make sure your company meets the criteria can result in a huge profit loss. There are several things to consider when constructing a new office, aside from the office interior design; you want to ensure that your workplace is optimised in saving energy by incorporating sustainable features into your building.

Interest point: did you know that The Bullitt Center is 83% more energy efficient than the typical office?


Energy efficiency

It’s not just about making sure you turn off your electronic systems at the end of the day anymore. There are mechanisms you could introduce to your workplace that will actively save you energy as well as money. Have you considered how much money your lighting solution is costing you? Some companies overlook the simple solution to the lighting crisis – windows. Introducing wider windows and more of them can not only reduce energy costs, but natural lighting can greatly boost the wellbeing of staff by keeping them connected to the outside world.

Consider triple glazed window solutions to ensure high levels of insulation. Low-e, argon filled windows are a great way to save your company money in the long run. These windows are designed to neutralise changing weather effects and help to regulate temperature longer, so you can minimise the usage of your heating or air conditioning systems.  Another element of the Low-e argon filled window to keep in mind is the ability to increase solar gain, a beneficial feature depending on the climate in your location.

For areas where workers have no access to windows and lighting is a necessity, consider motion detection lighting systems. This feature is becoming hugely commonplace in most workplaces, if your company is not utilising this feature, then think about introducing this to your office to reduce power consumption where areas within the building are unoccupied.

With the rapid population growth and water companies increasing their prices, bigger businesses may be seeing higher water usage and bills. Rain water harvesting is starting to become a necessity.  Storing and reusing rainfall is great for the environment while also having the added benefit of reducing cost and mains water consumption. It is quick, easy to install, and automatically collects rain water that can be used for various systems such as toilet flushing and power washing etc.

There are countless of ways to make your office a greener office; switching off appliances after use, opting for greener travel such as riding a bike or using public transport and, while simply recycling paper waste is not the only way to make your office green, it’s certainly still one of the most effective methods of creating an environmentally friendly workplace.

Not sure where to start or if your office ticks all the green boxes? Office Principles can help. Why not give us a call for a free detailed consultation and see how we can save your company money?

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