Hate your daily commute? It’s ‘Work From Home Week’!

We all know how stressful that journey to work can be, the rush to leave on time, the traffic jams, bustle of public transport, not to mention the cost of fuel and peak time travel. So why are more people not working from home?

Home working isn’t for everyone, people can feel isolated and find it difficult to remain motivated, and find the buzz of the workplace is vital to their wellbeing.

However, current research has unearthed that around 4 million employees are usually found working from home in the UK, an increase of 13% compared to 5 years ago. With the rise in the use of technology, home working has become a favourable option for many. The work load can be fitted in around other commitments allowing for concentration on the work in hand, without the stresses and strains of office life.

There is a new generation of mobile workers emerging, who are suited to working in a flexible arrangement. #GenMobile2 as they are called, are in the early stages of their careers, own three or more connected devices, and feel more productive when working from home.

Simon Cliffe is the organiser of ‘Work From Home Week’ (20th – 26th January), and is offering advice for those seeking an escape from office life, and is providing solutions to help making the switch to home working easier.

With flexible working becoming even more widespread in the future, organisations need to ensure their managers are ready, by embedding the appropriate skills for flexible working to flourish. This means that managers should be properly trained to know how to manage people working flexibly. Managers should be encouranged to be open and honest about their flexible working policies which can alleviate worries and uncertainty and help to address the negative attitudes within their organisation.

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