10 June 2019

Office Principles Design Director, Claire Stant, is set to be speaking at the Cooper Parry Culture Carnival on the 4th July. The event is running from 9am till 6pm, with many excellent speakers and workshops scheduled throughout the day. Cooper Parry are the number one accounting firm in the Midlands, whose culture is at the heart of everything that they do.Their values are the vital guiding principles of their firm, which has helped to bring them forward in their market. Claire will be speaking at 11:30am to discuss the changing workplace and the changes that she has experienced during her accumulation of over 10 years of experience within the Design and Build industry. Claire has designed many inspirational, human-centric workplaces and learning environments for marketing leading brands and universities. She also managed the design and fit out for Cooper Parry themselves, providing them with a truly engaging workspace. Claire will be posing the question Are your offices designed to maximise the effectiveness of five generations of the workforce?۝, highlighting the fact that it is not only design, but functionality too, which is needed to provide all five generations with what they crave from their workspace. Register with Cooper Parry here if you would like to attend this event! [video width="1280" height="720" mp4=""][/video]

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