By Cyril Parsons & Nathan Watson & Jason Batour & Iyna Butt


15 February 2023

Look ahead and explore the top ten workplace trends for the next 12 months.

Subtle changes significant differences

Last year marked a ‘return to normal’ for the office. With government restrictions fully lifted, it was interesting to see what percentage of companies would make a full return to the office and whether employers would impose guidelines for required attendance - and, if so, how successful such measures would be.

If you want people to stay engaged, you can’t overlook the social connection.

Nathan Watson

Creative Director, Office Principles

Fast forward 12 months and we have the proof of the pudding, which provides a starting point for the year ahead: The majority of corporates have favoured a flexible approach to-date and are happy to support staff opting for a mix of remote and office-based working.

Given most of us baulk at commutes, and public transport is at its most unreliable for years, the challenge is to keep the balance right and keep a steady footfall in the workplace. To do this, we have to create office environments with maximum appeal to encourage regular usage.

At Office Principles, all of the trends we envision going forward are about keeping the end-user happy. HR and talent directors are getting involved in the decision making processes now to ensure that future changes made, no matter how small, are driven by a people first approach.

This shift in focus is significant as it means that designs will be based on a remit of inclusion and connection. They have to fit with, and reflect, the cares and concerns of the people who are using these spaces.

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Cyril Parsons

Managing Director

Nathan Watson

Creative Director

Jason Batour

Creative Director

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People & Talent Director

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