23 March 2022

Explore how the workplace will evolve over the next 12 months.

Written by Cyril Parsons, Managing Director at Office Principles

Just over two years ago I was talking at seminars about the benefits of agile working, often to senior management who were both suspicious and cynical that it would never work for their business or organisation.

Twenty four months later and agile is the new ‘norm’ and the way offices are used has changed beyond recognition.

Not only has the way we perceive the office changed but the design, look, feel and priorities have changed for the better. 94% of organisations are now embracing hybrid or agile working and most organisations are realising the benefits of a considered approach to work life balance with some organisations now promoting a 4 day week.

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It feels like employers will need to provide better facilities, perks and comforts, to retain their staff and to bring on the best talent.

Here are my 12 key influences and tips as to how the office is being transformed to accommodate the
priorities of their greatest asset – their staff!

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