It’s all about the Zones!

As you will have seen from our previous blog posts, our journey to this point has seen us decide to embrace Agile Working within our own organisation, come up with a design that meets a number of different needs, and recognise the importance of communication,  which brings us to where we are today.

Having shown the staff, the office space plans for the first time, Stuart Jefferson, Office Principles Head of Creative Design was keen to help us see the power of having an office space which is split into different working zones.

Our new building, Stuart shared with us, is to be a real talking point.  Something that visitors will be talking about as they leave.  An inspirational space where the concept of Agile working, is not just discussed and advised but also demonstrated.  We have been working on the office designs for 18 months now and have created a dynamic and powerful office design that will serve our staff, our clients and visitors and leave a lasting impression on each.

As people arrive at our new building they will be greeted in a digitally connected reception area that makes our guests feel welcome while the rest of the building will be split into different zones for staff to be able to perform at their best.  These include a:

  • Lounge area – an informal meeting space
  • Executive Suite / Boardroom – for more formal meetings
  • Project Area – providing space for working on projects collaboratively, with audio visual and boards to enable idea sharing
  • Business Development Team zone – an inspiring space for the team to perform at their best and to celebrate when they win.
  • Tea Points and Hubs – A great space for people to congregate and share ideas

We look forward to creating a dynamic working environment where we can show the benefits of smarter agile ways of working.  I look forward to exploring more with Stuart the thinking behind the different zones and hope to share some images with you on how each of the different zones look and feel.

As you read our blog posts I wanted to thank you for sharing our journey, I trust you will find it useful whether you are thinking of making changes to your own office environment or are simply interested in the process of moving from one location to another – albeit our office move is only to the building next door, the challenges and approach are helping us gain an insight into what our clients go through.