Making the decision to refurbish or relocate?

Companies who adopt a high-level view of their markets will know that the real reason for their success rests in consideration for the long-term strategy for the business. It is widely accepted that short-term business strategies rarely work.

The same principles apply when considering the brief for your new office design. Do you refurbish your existing premises or do you relocate?

Your business plan should drive the process, identifying potential issues such as expansion and operational efficiencies. Your department heads will have useful insights and should be consulted about the operations for which they are responsible. All the information gathered should be incorporated into the brief.

Some companies decide to go into serviced offices, which may prove to be an expensive route in the long term. However, such a move does offer certain flexibility.

A fit-out specialist will need to be selected. They will need to be knowledgeable about your business needs and aspirations. It is therefore vital to allocate time to briefing meetings where ideas and suggestions can be discussed.

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