Maximise your mini-sized office interior design

Working from home is commonplace these days and so it’s up to you to make the most out of the office space you have. Having a personal office at home is great for helping you to stay focussed on your work and not be distracted by noises, TV… the laundry. So what if you don’t own a mansion with a flashy study made out of rich mahogany like the ones you see in films? Even in cosy little flats, there is always a way to carve out a small office space that works for you. But don’t panic – small doesn’t mean cramped! A small office area can be just as efficient if you do it right! Here are some tips to help you plan out a workspace tailored just for you.

elephant in a room

Make room with wall storage

Making use of wall storage can be a great way to free up space on your desk and around your office. Implementing wall storage solutions into your office interior design needn’t be hard; in fact, you might find that some buildings already have little design quirks that make this super easy. Before deciding on a space or room for your home office, take a look around and see if you can find any interesting spaces where you can make the most out of the architecture. Wall storage is not only great for… well, storage, but they can look awesome too. There are countless ideas to pick from – you can even have wall hooks and wrap around shelves for maximum capacity.

De-clutter and throw out that junk

Make sure you don’t keep anything you don’t need. Chances are, if you find things in an old shoebox you don’t even remember was there, you don’t really need it. Either throw it out or store it somewhere that isn’t your office so you can free up storage space! That said, you don’t need to get rid of absolutely everything. Having bits and pieces to add some personality to your office space can be great for conversation and it’s also beneficial for your well-being.

Who needs paper?

No, really. In this day and age everything can be stored digitally, so why clutter your office with stacks of paper? With no paper to worry about you can free up tonnes of space that come with a book shelf or filing units to house them. This will give you the opportunity to make storage space for other things like technology, or maybe a mini-fridge for those dragging days… Just kidding! Keep it work related as much as possible: the whole point of a personal office is to avoid distraction after all.

The big, CEO, expensive Oak desk

You’re working from home, which means you are your own boss. You can have a huge desk with a grand CEO chair and any number of gadgets filling up every inch of space! Sound like a great idea? It isn’t, so scrap that thought: that way of working is long gone. With most things stored on your computer, tablets, phones etc you don’t need a big desk, because there’s simply nothing you will keep on it. For an effective office interior design today, small is the way to go.  You want something that is compact, flat, and has the ability to freely house technology. With technology being so mobile you probably won’t be glued to your desk 24/7, so the “work-station” desk is obsolete. Keep it simple and agile for optimum flexibility.

Decorations and lighting

Whichever room you decide to turn into your personal work-at-home space, always make sure that you have access to natural lighting. Never underestimate the power of a window in making a space feel bigger. You don’t want to be staring at four walls all day and having an overhead light as well a view to the outdoors can have huge positive effects on your well-being and energy. If access to natural light is limited then you can always look into light therapy lamps which are a great alternative to brightening up your day. Try to incorporate some greenery into your office interior design, a few plant pots here and there can act as a balance between outdoors and indoors.


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