Do we need a high performance workplace?

Calder described a high performance workspace as the optimised efficiency of human, organisational and environmental outcomes. Many companies are seeking to create a sustainable competitive advantage in all areas of business and are using productivity, innovation and creativity as key drivers of change.

The late Peter Drucker, a management guru who studies the future of business, highlighted the rise of the knowledge worker as a fundamental driver of change. Drucker said that, “the management of knowledge workers should be based on the assumption that the corporation needs them more than they need the corporation. They know they can leave, they have mobility and self-confidence”.

This has led to a change in the relationship between employers and employees, which has been compounded by a range of societal issues. In recent decades it has become the norm for both adults in a household to undertake paid work, which has led to knowledge workers becoming ‘time-poor’. The term ‘work-life balance’ comes into existence as workers try to force more activities into less time.

The workforce has also become more diverse in terms of age, sex, race and higher levels of education, all factors which affect the efficiency of a workplace.

Organisations have been evolving and changing, which has made words such as ‘downsizing’ and ‘redundancy’ part of our everyday language. Workers can no longer rely on a ‘job-for-life’ attitude from employers, and they are being forced to take responsibility for their own careers.

The cost of employee turnover is a significant factor to any business, both in terms of direct and indirect costs. Coupled with the fact that people are ten times more expensive than the space that an organisation occupies, it makes business sense to check your workplace is performing. Workers are looking for organisations that reflect their corporate values and cultures such as agility, diversity, transparency, customer focus, empowerment and trust in the interior of their offices. The workplace can provide a powerful visual and physical medium to convey these messages not only to employees, but also visitors and the public.

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