NEW! Agile Working Furniture

Are you looking for agile working furniture? Look no further than this fantastic new product from Allermuir. Haven pods are an innovative solution to the dilemma that many are finding in the office between concentration and collaboration. Haven Pods provide unique workplace locations for both focus and sharing.

Many companies are looking to make their workplaces more efficient, with goals to increase flexibility, increase productivity, encourage collaboration, make work a destination, build brand collateral and recognition, reduce cost and of course do it all faster and more efficiently.

Agile Workplace Example 02
Agile Workplace Example 03

The Haven Pod is ideal for either an individual within a desk based environment looking for space to concentrate or a temporary place to work, or for teams to gather for formal or impromptu meetings, presentations or to simply relax away from busier environments.

Agile Workplace Example 04
Agile Workplace Example 05

The Haven Pod provides the ultimate flexibility and can be erected, plugged in, taken down and relocated without the need for complex or lengthy installations.

Agile Workplace Example 06

Agile working environments can be quickly provided for staff members who need privacy for concentration and focused work.

Agile Workplace Example 07
Agile Workplace Example 08

If you would like to increase the performance of your workplace by implementing agile working furniture, then speak to one of our workplace consultants on 0118 913 1811.

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