Not just a new building but a whole new way of working

Office Principles are moving, that move is geographically insignificant, however we are taking the opportunity not just to update the showroom to reflect advances in the workspace and design options available to our clients but also to put into place a new agile way of working.

We are advocating to more and more of our clients that agile working is the way to maximise productivity (by increasing staff well-being) and to maximise space utilisation.

Like many organisations historically, staff at Office Principles largely had their designated desk from which they would work. Meeting rooms would get used poorly, take just for example, said Stuart Jefferson, Office Principle’s Head of Creative Design as I interviewed him for this series of blog posts, the room we are sat in now? It is a comfortable room, the board room in fact for twelve people yet right now there are only two of us in the room. Is that because there are not enough small meeting spaces, or just because it is the closest and the easiest?

The new Office Principles showroom on Bennet Road in Reading will be a state-of-the-art showroom, a working space, where the company is based and yet a place for our clients and guests to visit and experience the dream of the possible for their own space.

While agile working is not, in and of itself, a new concept, it is still something which organisations are learning how to implement and discovering its benefits for themselves. With this in mind we have the opportunity to create something new and exciting for our staff and visitors alike.

The new space will have a number of different zones within it so that depending on what you are doing there is space suitable for it. From sound proofed, confidential meeting and learning spaces through focused work areas to a versatile dining and collaboration area. Pods & breakout areas will provide places to step away and meet informally.