Office Design Affects Building Choice

Is building choice being driven by the need for workplace performance?

20 years ago companies were looking for functional performance. Office space had to be category A finished with a good supply of air conditioning and a large floor void.

However the world is changing and the demands of the tenants has become much more complicated. There is a demand for an environment that is versatile and diverse, one where people can share social spaces. We are no longer a nine to five society, and the boundaries between work and life have become blurred. Work locations are being determined by life style choices which mean an office environment needs to support a diverse range of activities across distinct locations.

Collaboration is key and this is being driven by the fast moving world of IT. The need to attract and retain the best talent is changing the drivers which initiate and shape building choice.

Companies especially in the TMT sector are looking for the latest trends, which include a more urban feel. Tenants are looking for a shell and floor delivery where they can further customise the office fit out.

And then there are the ever present corporate sustainability programmes. Does a building have a BREEAM or EPC rating, or maybe a BCO standard?

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