Office design: Green on the inside

The introduction of biophilic design to the office environment in the last ten years has generated an influx of more pleasant and greener spaces in which to work.

Said to be an important factor in employee wellbeing, such office design certainly has both a welcoming and soothing effect, reminding us of the natural world and what it takes for us to flourish.

No surprise then that its presence continues to feature highly on the wish list when businesses take the opportunity to reconsider a redesign.

So, what does biophilic design actually involve?

A definition

Biophilic design is design that incorporates elements of nature, from natural light, earth colours and open spaces to the use of plants, roof gardens and living walls. Creative design often borrows from a few of these elements to achieve the best results.

The concept rules that occupants of a building that has taken biophilic inspiration will have an increased connectivity to the natural environment.

What the experts say

Research suggests that biophilic design at work does indeed impact on employees’ wellbeing, positively influencing both physical and mental health and making a difference to our productivity levels and achievements.

With our connection to nature diminishing and many of us adopting longer working hours, there is more reason than ever for us to pair the workplace with elements of biophilic design in order to address the balance and create the best surrounds.


Setting the trend

No surprise that forerunners in workplace design like Apple and Google have invested in biophilic design in order to increase productivity and wellbeing and encourage presenteeism. In recent years, other corporates, along with forward thinking SMEs have followed suit.

In summary

The calming and restorative effect of all things green makes perfect sense in the work environment. Air quality improves, it leads to better ventilation and it allows for improved internal and external views, depending on the design.

Overall, biophilic design provides an added layer to sustainability and environmentally friendly practices and it makes for a happier and healthier team.