Office Design to Make the Most of Your People, Space and Brand

Creating an effective yet comfortable workspace plays a significant role when it comes to boosting your business performance. Feeling surprised? A study conducted by Management Today magazine revealed that only 37% respondents feel that their offices had been designed “with people in mind”, while less than a third said they were too ashamed of their offices to bring in colleagues or clients.


The key question business owners should ask themselves is whether or not the office space creates a positive and stimulating environment that accurately reflects the brand and company vision.  We have brought you several key takeaways on how you can make your workplace an inspiring and motivational environment.


Rule 1: Make the Most of the Office Space


Who said that you need a huge office to succeed as a brand? Surprisingly, small workplaces can result in a more motivated workforce and increased productivity levels when compared to larger organisations. The key to success is to maximise the space and make it comfortable enough to make people want to go back to work. You can accomplish this by choosing the right furniture and creating a versatile space. If you bring in the best talent it is important to provide them with the means to collaborate. Breakout areas and creative meeting rooms will encourage staff to work collaboratively or to step away from their desk and into a different area to help them to think more creatively. Additions such as a Ping-Pong or pool table will also allow staff to let of steam and will create an element of trust between employer and employee.

Rule 2: Stay on Brand


The design of your office should have the DNA of your brand running through its veins. This doesn’t mean having your company name in flashing lights at the centre of the office. Instead, use subtle elements such as branded stationary and accessories that can be used in the meeting room or a wall painted using your corporate Pantone colour. These elements will keep your branding front of mind for employers, employees and clients.


Rule 3: Promote Well-Being


Did you know that 14.7% of people experience mental health problems in the workplace? Moreover, women in full-time employment (19.8%) are nearly twice as likely to have a common mental health problem as full-time employed men (10.9%).[1]


To make sure that you provide your staff with a right level of well-being, the design of your office environment should incorporate fundamentals such as access to daylight and good ventilation. Also give some consideration to the way your office space is arranged. Standing desks, for example, will permit your staff to leave their chairs for a moment, while communal working lounges and outdoor circulation paths will give them an alternative on how and where they want to work. If you are looking for more advice on wellbeing in the workplace and its link to office design, read our guide here.


Rule 4: Get Creative


You can’t expect your employees to work towards the success of your company and get their creative juices flowing, if you don’t provide them with the inspiring place to do so. A positive, uplifting environment can do wonders for your staffs imagination and attitude. If you don’t have the budget to carry out a complete office refurbishment, start researching colourful accessories and original art to enhance the mood. Ask employees for their input too, and with help from your staff you will come up with an inspiring, office design that will motivate everyone to put their best foot forward.


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