Office furniture – The weird and the bold

Simplicity may take the cake for practicality, but it’s repetitive and boring when you really get down to it. Today we are all about the design.

When it comes to designing something to captivate the eyes, we all know that you go bold or you go home. When viewing art you want to be impressed, inspired even. You want to be thinking “wow, I wonder how they came up with that”. The same rule applies to office furniture designs. We love attending exhibitions to see imaginative minds show off their creative side and we’ve seen some amazing things. These outstanding furniture designs however, will blow all of them right out of the park. We love some of these bold, weird, and just completely stunning office furniture for your office interior design! We hope you can find some inspiration with this beautiful furniture.

The Nest

The Nest looks super cosy and it probably feels even more so. We love this wonderful design and could see it working well in a casual office setting. Need a relaxing quiet area? Get snuggled up in the beanie egg cushions, they come in a variety of colours too!




The Graffiti Chair 

Bold and beyond. If you need furniture that will spark creativity, this piece will do just that. It’s wild and fun and could act as a great conversation tool if displayed correctly. Having this seating in a plainly decorated room with muted colours could create the perfect contrast.



The Invisible Table

What a cool piece of furniture! Perfectly crafted to give the illusion of an invisible table. This would be great in a meeting room or reception area to impress your visitors.




The Melting Bulbs

It’s weird, quirky, and fantastic all around. Perhaps not best suited for the formal office (unless you’re a design firm), but these lamps will surely brighten up a studio with their creativity. Plus they look way too awesome to not have.




The Taxidermy Cabinet

So we’ve moved on from the bold to the weird. We weren’t kidding. This cabinet is among the Salvador Dalí furniture collection however, so there’s that for a conversational point.



The Man Chair

As an office interior design company that also specialises in office furniture design, we love unconventional furniture as much as the next designer. However, there’s something unsettling about this chair and we’re not sure how to feel about sitting on this fellow’s lap.




The Throne of Wool

In case you wanted a chair to match your fluffy, four legged cabinet. If feeling cosy wrapped in these three fellows isn’t enough for you, you can always pretend that you’re a majestic ruler of sheep! Slightly creepy, but very interesting to see nonetheless.



While some of these designs are great and completely off the wall, remember that you need to keep your brand personality in mind when picking office furniture for your office interior design. Not every office will benefit from quirky furniture and not all staff will appreciate the bold designs. Every business has its own main demographic even in this multi-generation work culture, so ask your employees what they like and ensure you carryout research into how to boost productivity for your business before implementing radical changes.


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