Office Principles relocate to new offices

Office Principles has just moved into a state-of-the art new office space.

We have recently utilised our internal expertise and over 25 years of experience to design and manage our own office relocation and fit-out project – moving into a new workspace in August 2016.

Although the old office was in an ideal position with good transport links to Central London, we have rapidly outgrown the space and the building was starting to look tired. When the opportunity arose to move into a larger office next door, it was the perfect opportunity to expand the office footprint without compromising on location. At the same time, we were able to design a whole new, stylish workspace – one that would better reflect our office design capabilities.

One of the primary objectives of the new office was to give something back to employees, whilst also creating a bigger more flexible workspace that would enable departments to work together more collaboratively. The space offers a mix of meeting tables, sit-stand desks, brainstorming areas, booths and a café area.

As we regularly welcome clients and visitors to our offices, it is important that the workspace acts as a showroom as well as a functional office. The new space is light and airy, and each area has been designed with a unique ‘wow factor’ to act as a memorable focal point.

For the café area, we wanted to create a functional kitchen space and a breakout area that would encourage casual collisions and interactions between staff. The wow factor and focal point in this area is the TopBrewer Coffee Machine. We wanted a premium office coffee machine, and we particularly loved the fact that the TopBrewer was driven by an iPad and that is was capable of dispensing fresh coffee and filtered water from one streamlined tap. The TopBrewer has been positioned in a central island unit to make it a more focal point in the space. The end result is highly impactful and an approach we highly recommend for collaborative working environments.