Partnering with the Smartworking Summit

At Office Principles, we’re renowned for our dedicated approach to planning any changes in the workplace environment, along with our strong focus on the results that can be achieved from making those changes.

We’re all about improving wellbeing, by making more considered choices, while promoting a more agile way of working that saves costs and impacts positively on productivity. With the right changes in place, and an improved environment, there are also other positive ramifications, including better recruitment and levels of retention.

Much can happen when you keep an open mind…


Challenging the fixed mindset

Creating these more agile workspaces has an increased value attached to it and we are now finding that there are a number of specialist consultancies and like-minded bodies keen to get a similar message to ours across.

We’ve recently been approached by work consultant Quora to engage with its network at a Smartworking Summit on the 26th September 2018. With ‘changing mindsets through co-creative leadership’ set as the core topic, we’re expecting some lively debate and have agreed to join other partners at the event, to be held at the Platinum Suite, ExCeL Exhibition Centre, London Docklands.


Who’s who

There’s a veritable feast of talent and big names that are currently gracing the guest list. In the morning the speakers will include the vice president of EMEA Twitter, Bruce Daisley, (also host of Eat Sleep Work Repeat), managing director of Tata Group Europe, David Landsman, CIO of Brit Insurance, Arvinder Mudhar, global CIO of Havi, Andy Williams and RBS’s head of location and property strategy, Ray Carneiro.

As partners, we’re in great company with Condeco, Facebook, Regus, Verizon and Global Cyber Alliance. The event is also endorsed by industry bodies BIFM, RICS, CIPD, IFMA and WE.


Round tables

Later in the day, there is a selection of more intimate, round table mini events on an array of subjects from understanding productivity and owning mindset change to workplace sustainability and workplace evolutionaries.

It’s no surprise that the Smartworking Summit is into its 17th year: The dialogue about workplace changes and how we can create environments that help us to achieve more, and feel better while doing so, has to be an ongoing one.


If you would like to book for the Smartworking Summit on the 26th September, then click here