The beneficial effects of personalising your office.

Let’s face it, there’s nothing more appealing than the idea of working from home, because who wouldn’t want to wake up every day and only have to travel two feet to get to your desk in nought but PJs? But that dream is still, for most of us, just a dream. Of course there are alternate office solutions that can make your office feel a little more homely. Studies have shown that by personalising your work space you are more likely to feel a sense of satisfaction in your job, thereby boosting your work morale and general happiness.

Adding your own personal touch to the office can make you feel more in control of your working environment by making you feel more relaxed. Nobody feels the pressure of a buzzy office life in their own home and the same theory applies to homey offices. This can lead to positive effects throughout the day and encourage a constructive working attitude.

However, it’s important that you find a healthy balance between personal expression and professionalism, so while it may be nice to hang up personal photos, you may want to keep the poster of your celebrity crush at home.

Here are some tips on personalising your office and how it benefits you:

young businessman relaxes sitting in the office

Decorations – decorating your office with personalised items can effect to your overall mood and comfort. A piece of art, sculpture or even a memento from your travels can add character to your office and show visitors who you are. But remember to keep it modest. You don’t want to display anything that could offend your guests.

Under the desk foot rest – there’s nothing like kicking up your feet and getting down to business at the same time. Who says work can’t be relaxing as long as you’re getting the job done? Office Principles can procure a range of quality seating and other furniture that is the perfect balance of style and comfort.

Floor/Desk lamp – we all know that white florescent lighting isn’t for everybody and you don’t always have direct access to natural light (read more about why office designs need natural light), so having your own desk or floor lighting can be easier on your eyes and make the office more homely. Office Principles can provide electrical and mechanical work along with our design strategy. Why not book a showroom tour?

Chair Cushion/Throw – office chairs are designed to be comfortable on their own, but there’s nothing wrong with adding an extra cushion or two for additional support. A lap throw can also keep you cosy during cold winter days. Our showroom has a range of furniture for you to try, so you can ensure that it is comfortable and fits with your design and personal requirements.

Nature – being stuck in the office all day can drive anyone a little crazy and cause stress levels to rocket, but sometimes we have no choice but to stay glued to our desk due to deadlines, or other important dealings. Having a dose of nature injected into your office can reap benefits for your mental health and has proven to increase work performance. We have extensive knowledge and expertise in office designing including sourcing and installing furniture. Our team at Office Principles can advise you on the best range of furniture to suit you.

There are numerous of ways you can bring an essence of home to the office in order to keep a healthy working lifestyle. However, it is important that you maintain a simple and professional working space. At Office Principles we provide countless unique office interior designs. Our team will work together with you to fully understand your business needs in order to provide an agile working environment best tailored to you.

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