Cities Outlook 2015 – Reading is UK’s top performing city

A report produced by The Think-Tank, Centre for Cities – Cities Outlook 2015, reveals good news for Reading, Bracknell and Wokingham. According to the report, Reading has the most productive workforce in the UK.

“Reading is number one in the UK for economic contribution per worker, with an average contribution of £70,900 per person to the economy.”

The Cities Outlook report is the annual health check for the economic performance of the United Kingdom’s largest cities. The report includes statistics on technological innovation, skill level of the workforce, earnings and levels of employment. The Cities Outlook showed that, against 12 criteria in the report, Reading performed extremely well.

This report reinforces the key points that make Reading a successful business hub and giant of the UK economy. The city ranked second for the highest wages, third for the number of businesses per population and fifth for start-up businesses. The town also has the fifth lowest percentage of people with no formal qualifications.

Key Statistics

Perfromance stats

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